"I have enjoyed the working relationship with ASHDON and will continue to do so indefinitely as a result of positive attitude, hard work and honest diligence on their part."
– Satisfied Employer


ASHDON believes that great companies should be able to focus on what they do best. We understand that finding qualified candidates can be a challenge in today's health care industry and that recruiting, screening, and interviewing candidates can be a costly and exhausting process. We make things easy for employers by matching them up with only the most qualified candidates saving them time, energy, and money. Hiring the right employees is essential to running a successful business. Choosing the right candidates will result in less turnovers and increased productivity which translates to higher profits and better service for your customers.

It is a competitive market place, and in order to gain an edge on the competition you need to hire top talent. Two-third of potential candidates are passive, meaning they are not actively searching for a position. Standard company recruitment efforts typically only reach twenty percent of potential candidates and many times these are the worst; they are looking for a reason. Candidates understand that changing jobs entails risk and they come to us because they are looking for a professional to help guide them through the life changing process.

Since the bulk of our business comes from repeat customers and employee/candidate referrals, we make it a point to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, right from the start. When you work with ASHDON, you can rest assured that we will be doing everything we can to make your search as easy as possible. Our staff will work with you to customize your search in order to find exactly the kind of employee you're looking for. With ASHDON’s comprehensive approach, it is no surprise that 97% of ASHDON's clinical placements are long-term.

We are able to recruit for any position in the medical industry; our network of candidates includes potential members of the Board of Directors, CEOs, Vice Presidents, Administrators, Physicians of all specialties, Nurses, Sales Representatives, etc. No matter what position you are looking to fill, we are able to present you with some of the most qualified candidates in the market. We operate in all 48 states in the continental United States and typically present an employer with three highly qualified candidates within one week of their order.

Our reputation is everything and our goal is to exceed your expectations. If you want to do business with a company that will give you honest straight forward advice, then you've come to the right place. We have a history of successful long-term placements and we want to show you why we are the best in the business!


ASHDON is the top Health Care executive recruiting agency in the country. We statistically out preform our competitors in Placement Time, Placement Retention, and Placement Success. Few companies in the industry publish their performance statistics but we are proud of our achievements and not afraid to share this information with our clients.

  • Placement Time — Defined as the average number of days between ASHDON accepting the assignment and our candidate accepting the position or for the client to end their employee search. Our average Placement Time is 17 business days.

  • Placement Retention — Defined as the percentage of candidates who stay with the client company for a year or more after being hired. Our clients are so satisfied with our candidate selection that a whopping 97% of placements we've made have been long term.

  • Placement Success — Defined as the percentage of search projects completed after being accepted by our firm. Our placement success rate is 91%.

ASHDON gives its clients value by providing higher quality result in a shorter time frame. Our proprietary recruiting approach combines new innovative techniques, the latest technology, years of real world experience, and a willingness to do good old-fashion networking. We have an extensive knowledge of the industry and a wide network of top professionals to draw on.

We offer our clients three ways to search for candidates. Companies can choose to do a Contingency Search, a Retained Search, or a Flat Fee Search. The majority of our clients are engaged in contingency search projects.


The best candidates are very skilled and have a long and stable work history. Many are happy at their current company and are not actively searching for a job, but are open to the idea of switching companies if an opportunity is presented in the right way! When you use our services, we will present you with several talented and experienced candidates who fit your needs. Our company will keep searching until we find just the right employee for you.

At ASHDON we are confident in our ability to connect employers with candidates that can make a real impact on their business. We are a firm that works on contingency which means we only collect a fee when a candidate is accepted by you for employment. There is no obligation to hire a candidate so we will only present you with the best candidates possible.


Confidentiality is the corner stone of our business. We never release the name of the company we are recruiting for unless we have authorization and we never disclose personal or professional information without consent. We are committed to confidentiality!

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